I'm 70 years old. My life is about to end. I'm still in good shape. I'm able to move around on my own and I'm happy for that. I would be extremely sad if I had to depend on someone else.

I have trouble all over the world. I have made huge mistakes but I have also created very good things for the world - some guidelines for women so they can love themselves.

I've taught women of all ages how to love and value themselves, how to get out of bad poisonous relationships that not only kill their spirits but take the soul out of their beautiful selves.

The wisdom I have and the experience I've gained walking my path is now about to be revealed in a book full of pages.

A book full of pages that talk about my journey in life motivates me like nothing else. I always wanted to write my story but I was too busy living my life. Now I'm writing as proof of my existence in this beautiful world. These pages I’m writing will reveal to my kids, family and friends who I really was, who I am still until my last breath. I have many stories to tell. Some are good, others are bad, sad, happy, dumb. Some are even smart.

I’m sitting in my old-fashioned wooden rockingchair, right outside my warm little house that was built by the lake. I’m looking at the blue sky, trouble through the green trees. My memory goes back many years to when my children were all I had to live and die for. What beautiful days! Both my children are now grown with children of their own. They're walking their own paths, making their own mistakes. At my age I can have no regrets. Time taught me that it is better to live in the present. Don’t visit your past unless you are writing a book.

The wonder days are now gone. I’m certain I couldn’t do more.

Maria de Jesus Gomez, age 70