The Attack of the Haunted Pumpkin
by DeVionte Harrell

     We have a Hallowe'en party on 90th Place every year. It's fun. A lot of my friends and family come but it's only fun until the Haunted Pumpkin comes.


     His way of attacking is this.


     He has little baby pumpkins that jump at you and bust. Blood comes out of them. Everybody screams and runs. And when he gets real mad, the little babies start biting instead of busting!!! Little razor sharp teeth!


     Last year, my little cousin Larry got attacked by one and got bit on the leg. And my momma got blood all over her when she got attacked by one of them.


     The only way to stop them is to put them into a pot of boiling water. It's hard to catch them because they jump around. They have little legs.


     Once all the little baby pumpkins are inside the pot, the Big Haunted Pumpkin starts melting.


     He makes real weird sounds and everybody has pumpkin pie at the end. They're so happy!