Ants Attack
by Stephannie Herrera

Song Plays: Beautiful World (Coldplay)

Ants, they look so small and harmless. They help each other. It's almost as if they live in a perfect world of peace and harmony. Ants would have a perfect world, if us humans and not to forget the anteaters...did not exist to crush them to their death. Us humans watch them for a while until we grow bored of them and decide to end the moment by crushing the ants and smelling your fingers for a grand finale. They don't look scary at all, but that is only because what happened to these children hasn't happened to you.

Sally: Mom, can I go play outside?

Mother: With those holes in your socks?

Sally: No, with the kid next door. I'm gonna show Sonny my new growth antidote.


Mother: You silly girl you. Well, run along, dear, but be sure to take your brother Johnny along with you.

Sally: Okay.

-knock knock-

Sonny: Hey Sally! Come on in. I was just catching some ants to put in my new ant farm that I got for my birthday.

Sally: Ooh, ants! Sounds like fun.

Sonny: Let's go!

-door slams-

-birds chirping-

Sonny: These ants are so exciting to watch for a moment.

Sally: Let's make things a little more interesting. Do you have a magnifying glass?

Sonny: Yes, of course.

Sally: Ooh, I feel sorry for this little fellow. But the kid's gotta have fun.

Sonny: Oooh, did YOU see that? Smoke came out of it. That was awesome.

Sally: Ummm...dude...where's Johnny????

Sonny: True dat! Where is Johnny?

Sally: Oh my god! I've lost my brother. Mom's gonna kill me.

Sonny: Let's look for him.

Sally: Oh, we better find him.

Both: (yelling) Johnny!! Johnny!!

-screams in the distance-

Sally: Oh my god! Johnny!!

Sonny: Calm down Sally. We will get him!

Sally: Johnny!! Johnny, I'm coming! Hold on!

Johnny: Sally, hurry! I think your antidote spilled on the ants and they're super huge!

-Sally stands in shock-

Sally: (GASP)

Sonny: Wow!! That is super cool!

Sally: No, it's not. It's super huge ants with sharp teeth and what not! That is not cool!

-Johnny screaming in the distance-

-Sounds of ripping flesh-

-Splattered blood on the screen-

Sally: Ahhhh! Run that way! RUN THAT WAY!!!

Sonny: COOOL!!!!! -Stands in amazement-

-Ant Eats Sonny up by tearing him to pieces-

-Sally Runs for her life and it begins to rain-

-The Giant Ants shrink and die-

-At Johnny's Memorial-Green Eyes (Coldplay) playing song

-Everyone Sobs-

-The End-

Written in tears