The Bhubaneswar Platform School


The railway stations in India are home for thousands of children. Some of the children have left their homes in villages outside the city. Other children live in poverty-stricken homes nearby, and occasionally return to visit. Boys sell water to buy food and daily necessities for living. On average, photographer Brian Finke said, the children he photographed made 50 to 100 rupees (about $2-$3) a day selling bottles of drinking water. The money was enough for food and other bare essentials. Sankar and other children slept wherever they could in the station -- on the floor, on benches, on piles of luggage. read more

Location: Bhubaneswar (Orissa), India

Sankar sells bottled water to train passengers in the Bhubaneswar train station, India. Sankar, for instance, lived nearby but in an unstable home. His father was no longer part of the family. His mother often wasn't home.