Teen Girls Talking About Prop. 73
If it were my daughter, I'd want to know.

Activists silent on beating
As is often the case, Najee Ali was the first speaker and most familiar face Tuesday at the demonstration outside Inglewood City Hall.

A Glaring Omission From Legacy of the Riots--Apologies
Call me naive, but I’m still waiting for one person to fess up.

Doctors Aren’t Border Agents
I camped outside Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s house in Huntington Beach the other day to make sure no illegal immigrants showed up to mow the lawn.

Book Leads Teens to Find Own Stories
Teachers saw students reading it at the bus stop and during breaks, and when they weren’t reading it they were talking about it.

In High-Crime Neighborhoods, the Line Cops Must Walk Is Fine Indeed
Late one evening about a year ago, while I cruised with two deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, we came upon a guy riding a bicycle in the Compton area.

Inhumanity Has Found a Home on Skid Row
A couple of 19-year-old Neanderthals watched a bum-bashing video and then trolled skid row with baseball bats early Tuesday morning, attacking homeless people as they lay sleeping.

Fret Over the Dog? Kids Need Help First
I was smacked with a rolled-up newspaper for failing to rescue a dog that swam toward my boat in contaminated water just after I’d passed a floating human corpse in New Orleans.

The Lost and the Found Down South
On the crisis scale, the theft of my computer here this week was somewhere between trivial and picayune.

More Work, Less Pay -- They Call It Family Time Flexibility
You’re working longer and enjoying it less, aren’t you?

One Problem in Abu-Jamal Crusade: He’s Guilty
One witness said that after Faulkner went down, Abu-Jamal stood over him and sealed the deal with a bullet through the head.

A Ray of Hope for Future Nathaniels
A 27-year-old man who’d told officers he has bipolar disorder was released from Men’s Central Jail but didn’t seem to have anywhere to go. So he was handcuffed and taken to skid row, where he was let out.

The Real Cost of That $8.63 Polo Shirt
A mother named Isabel Reyes works 10 hours a day in a Honduras sweatshop, stitching fabric to make polo shirts. And the price to us, back here in the ‘good old’ U.S. of A., is $8.63. Did I read that correctly - $8.63? Now wait a minute.

Video Displays Cultural Divide
It was probably a combination of factors that did it--the summer heat, the ghost of Rodney King, the unsettling reminder that our lives are being videotaped by people we can’t see.