To use "the Strengths of the Father" to protect "the Gifts of the Mother" would best summarize Sacred Power Corporation's basic intent and philosophy. It is our belief that the world in which we live can change its current direction and dependence on polluting energy sources and convert to renewable technologies that provides clean long term solutions to today's energy problems.

Sacred Power Corporation is experienced in all facets of renewable energy development including telecommunication, power generation, home electrification, village electrification, community water, water heating, livestock watering and training and education.

Dave Melton is a Laguna Tribal member and principal of Sacred Power. He is an experienced program/contract manager with over fifteen year's experience working with high-tech industry.

Mr. Melton received his B.A. in Economics from the University of New Mexico in 1986 and has over 30 hours of graduate study from UNM's School of Public Administration. Mr. Melton is the elected chairman of the Laguna Colony of Albuquerque for 2001-2002, a Tribal communication support group for Lagunas in the metropolitan area. Mr. Melton has also been appointed to the Pueblo of Laguna Utility Authority Board representing his home village of Paguate. Mr. Melton was also elected vice-chair of the newly created Rebuild Central New Mexico, the local energy efficiency support organization sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy.

Mr. Melton was awarded the first Annual American Indian Entrepreneurial Leadership Award from the UNM Anderson School of Management's American Indian Business Association in May 2001.

In addition, Mr. Melton is a member of the NM Solar Industry Association, the NM Solar Energy Association, the Interagency Advanced Power Group, and Leadership Albuquerque Alumni Association.

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