Our first 2004 term was called reading.writing.recording. It began on Mon. Feb. 2 and ran until Apr. 8. Juke box

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Our second 2004 term was think tank. It began on Mon. Apr. 26 and ran until June 18. Magazine

Our third 2004 term (summer '04) was called armor-all. It began on Mon. Jun. 21 and ran until Aug. 12.
Syllabus Videos Flying

Our fourth 2004 term was called eye spy. It began on Sept. 13 and ran until Dec. 9.
Photo essays Chinese New Year 2005

Our first two terms of 2005 term were called road trip. road trip began on Jan. 17 and ended on June 16.
World kitchens Stories Where are we?

keys (summer '05) began on July 18 and ended on Aug. 25.
Videos Music Who am I?

mystery me (fall '05) began on Sept. 12 and ended on Dec. 15, 2005.
Family tree Ernie Fields. Jr. Now I'm 70
King Day    Chinese New Year 2006
Grand Canyon Colorado River
Antelope Canyon Pumpkins 06
Focus on Science Cookies Tortillas
Tamales Pumpkins 07 Wreaths