Our home Our home before and after
Biology 2009 Biology 2009
Tortillas Where in the world?
Tortillas Tamale dinner
Christmas wreaths 2008 Christmas wreaths 2008
Christmas wreaths 2007 Christmas wreaths 2007
Christmas cookies 2007 Christmas cookies 2007
Tortillas Tortillas
Making art Making art
Hallowe'en 2008 Hallowe'en 2008
Hallowe'en 2007 Hallowe'en 2007
Hallowe'en 2006 Hallowe'en 2006
Hallowe'en 2005 Hallowe'en 2005
Grand Canyon Summer 2006 – Grand Canyon
Colorado River Summer 2006 – Colorado River
Antelope Canyon Summer 2006 – Antelope Canyon
Pacific Ocean 2005 Summer 2005 - Pacific Ocean
Summer 2005 Summer 2005 - What happened?
Summer 2004 Summer 2004
Light Let there be light
Drum! Drum!
That was then That was then. Now I'm 70.
Ernie Fields, Jr. Ernie Fields, Jr.
Markhum Who? Markhum Who? visits Founders Academy
Family Tree Contest Family Tree Contest
Thank you, Mr. Ames Thank you, Mr. Ames
Joe DiBlasi Guitar night at Founders Academy
Aquarium of the Pacific Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA
Friends and family Founders Academy friends and family
Flyers Founders Academy Flyers
Biology 2 Biology2 at Founders Academy
Biology Biology at Founders Academy
What's cooking? What's cooking at Founders Academy
LA Zoo Founders Academy at Los Angeles Zoo
Moroccan cuisine Moroccan cuisine at Founders Academy
Hiroshima Hiroshima visits Founders Academy
Staples Singers The Staple Singers visit Founders Academy
Harry Kim Harry Kim visits Founders Academy
Forrest Gardner Forrest Gardner visits Founders Academy
Karate 2 Karate at Founders Academy
Karate Summer karate at Founders Academy